Sourcing Solutions Not Just Components
Unispec Technologies is one of the leading Independent Distributors for Electronic Components and Semiconductor Solutions.
Headquartered in Singapore with branch offices and strategic partners globally, we are your best choice for Electronic & Semiconductor Components, Active and Passive Devices, Processors, Microcontrollers and Memories from Global Technology Manufacturers.
Quality comes first. Quality for us is not an act, it’s a habit. Everything we do revolves around bringing you 100% genuine, quality assured and guaranteed components at best possible value.
Some of our other services include:
Global Product Acquisition Services
Product Marketing Services (Consignment Sales)
Strategic Regional and Global “Collective Gain” Partnerships
Master Distribution
Logistics and Value Added Services (Kitting, Staging and Consolidation)
Customized Turnkey Solutions
Singapore (HQ and Inventory)
China (Shenzhen)
We are committed to reducing your base costs by eliminating duplication of efforts and dramatically improving the purchasing cycle. Our goal is to speed-up your sourcing process. We guarantee you will find measurable cost savings by working with us.
Unispec Technologies is an Independent Distributor and not affiliated with the manufacturers or companies of the products it sells. Any / all trademark rights and related copyrights are acknowledged. All products / logos associated with the manufacturers' names and products are owned by the respective manufacturers.
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